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Senior Chase Meyer Scores All-State Journalism Team Spot


Credit to Alex Rowe

Senior Chase Meyer poses in the Butterfly Hallway for his senior portrait. Meyer was named to Missouri’s All State Journalism Team for his work on the FHN student media department over the last three years.

Chase Meyer, a senior and Co-EIC for the web team in the FHN student media department, has received the honorable mention to be apart of Missouri’s All-State Journalism Team, one of the top scholastic journalism positions in the state. He has been part of the journalism program for three and a half years, taking Introduction to Journalism his freshman year, then joining the staff his sophomore year. The All-State Journalism Team recognizes those students who have proven themselves to be outstanding in their work and recognizing those who are so called “the most valuable players of the team.” The editors and advisors of the school attest that Meyer, has proven himself to be one of those members, saying he is one of the students who devote their expertise to bettering the publications.

“Overall I’d say I’m a big presence in the room,” Meyer said. “I’m in the room all the time, to be precise, 13 out of the 7 hours a day. I try my hardest to get things done whenever I can.”

During his freshman year, Meyer joined an aviation news blog While it was a small site at the time, the site has grown to be a major player in the aviation news industry. While Meyer originally played the role of Editor in Chief, he transitioned to Website Development in order to focus his time on the FHN student media department. Before stepping down as EIC, Meyer had the opportunity to partner the site with NASDAQ, a Wall Street firm.

As all of this happened, he stepped into the role of a web team member, then Webmaster during sophomore and junior year of high school, respectively. Before junior year, Meyer oversaw the transition of to the School Newspapers Online platform, a web service that manages the technical aspect of a website while giving the students full control to manage the design and content. Transitioning to SNO has allowed to Meyer to open up the site to a wider spectrum of publications staffers, making it more accessible for them to tell stories online.

“I mean when it comes to the paper, sure you can write a variety of stories, but only a certain amount” Meyer said. “But when it comes to the web, there is no limit to anything.”

Over this last summer Meyer had the opportunity to move out of the St. Charles area, to move on to another school to be an engineer and later become a private pilot, but Meyer didn’t, “If it wasn’t for the publications staff I’m part of and my advisor, Manfull, I would’ve moved on.”

“I’m really happy Chase received the recognition,” Advisor Aaron Manfull said. “He’s worked incredibly hard and to the extent for all the years he’s been here.”