Top Five Crime Dramas You Should Watch


Credit to Tony Webster/

A roll of police line tape sits outside Rosemary Williams’ home. (used with permission from Creative Commons)

By Ethan Winchester

#5- ‘Sons of Anarchy’

‘Sons of Anarchy’ circles around Jax Teller, an outlaw gang leader. He and his gang fight for control of the town of Charming, California. He struggles between his loyalty to the gang and the needs of his family. Jax is constantly in conflict with the rivals of the motorcycle gang, and the feds are always on his tail. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ stars Charlie Hunnam as the lead. The show has a different take on the crime genre, which makes it interesting to watch. It is available to watch on Netflix.


#4- ‘Fargo’

‘Fargo’ is a TV show based off the 1996 Coen brothers film of the same name. The show takes place in the town of Fargo, Minnesota. It is about the real estate tycoon Emmit Stussy, played by Ewan Mcgregor. ‘Fargo’ focuses on Emmit’s vengeful brother Ray, the parole officer, and his plan to usurp Emmit for dominance. Ray starts stealing things from his older brother until it backfires and leads to two deaths. This causes ray to flee from Fargo. This show is also available to watch on Netflix.


#3- ‘Breaking Bad’

‘Breaking Bad’ is about an ex-chemistry teacher named Walter White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston. Walter is diagnosed with cancer, so he turns to cooking meth in an old RV to support both his son with cerebral palsy and his pregnant wife. Now that he’s a prominent meth cook, Walter gets into all sorts of situations with shady people. Overall, ‘Breaking Bad’ is a must watch among the crime drama genre. The show has many humorous moments and tense ones as well. It’s a pretty entertaining show. It is available on Netflix.


#2- ‘Boardwalk Empire’

‘Boardwalk Empire’ is a drama about Al Capone’s criminal empire during the prohibition era. The show takes place in Chicago, where Al Capone’s family reigns over the city. The show also stars and guest stars actors like Michael Shannon and Steve Buscemi in amazing roles. The show is much in vain of ‘The Sopranos,’ as characters die or plot developments occur each episode. It’s a very entertaining show, and it is available on HBO Go.


#1- ‘The Sopranos’

‘The Sopranos’ takes place in early 2000s in New Jersey. Tony Soprano is a Captain in the Dimeo crime family. The show circles around his rise to power in the family. Tony and his uncle, Junior, fight over the family after the don dies. Everybody is trying to get a leg up in the crime family, and Tony fights and kills his way up to take the spot of don. This show has many great personalities and performances. James Gandolfini is fantastic when he plays Tony Soprano. The show has an intricate and intriguing plot with constant story developments. You can watch ‘The Sopranos’ on HBO Go.