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Seven New Staff Members Join FHN for the 2017-2018 School Year

There are several new faculty members this year, here is some background information about all of them.


Credit to File Photo

Art teacher Courtney Flamm watches students work on their pieces in her Art classes.

By Daniel Xiang and Heeral Patel

Ryan Arnone

Government and Social Skills Teachers

Ryan Arnone teaches American Government and Social Skills. He is in his third year of teaching high school, having taught two years at Kirksville High School before moving. He was inspired to teach by a high school coach, wanting to follow his example since then.

“Coach Praum, my basketball coach, was one of those people that put emphasis on talking about curriculum and lesson plans and all that but he put a bit more of an emphasis on building positive relationships with students, and I think I got more out of class after building that relationship so that’s something that I try to do in the classroom,” Arnone said. (Brief by Daniel Xiang)


Jennifer Crane

Choir Director

Jennifer Crane is currently the school’s choir director, teaching four choir classes as well as helping the concert band and teaching an ISAP/Study Hall class for an hour. Previously, she taught two years in public school and six years in postsecondary education.

“I became a teacher because being a mentor and a coach and helping others see the best in themselves, and helping others to achieve their goals and their dreams, is I believe the most rewarding thing in the world,” Crane said. “It’s one thing to accomplish something yourself, but to help somebody else get there is so much bigger than that.” (Brief by Daniel Xiang)


Lisa Davis

Attendance Secretary

FHN has a new attendance secretary, Lisa Davis, this year. Prior to this job, Davis was a stay-at-home mom. Her days went from sending her kids to school and running errands to checking people in and out of school. She describes her time here so far as wonderful and the people as very nice. Davis looks forward to getting to meet fantastic people and having an overall great experience.

“I miss [being a-stay-at-home mom], but at the same time I feel more productive working,” Davis said. “I feel like a more productive member of society now, not just a mom.” (Brief by Heeral Patel)


Brett Beville

Health, P.E. and Driver’s Ed Teacher

Brett Beville teaches health, physical education and driver’s ed, and he also coaches football. He has taught math for 11 years, and this will be his first year as a P.E. teacher. While it may be his first year teaching at this school, Beville is not new to FHN. He graduated from here in 2002, and then from Missouri Valley College in 2006.

“What I like about my teaching at North are the students and the other teachers, who are really helpful,” Beville said. “I like how the students are really respectful and come to learn and I enjoy students that enjoy learning.” (Brief by Heeral Patel)


Courtney Flamm

Art Teacher 

Courtney Flamm is a new art teacher at school. She was born in Winfield, MO, and had loved art throughout her childhood. After majoring in studio art, she started teaching art at the middle school level. She did so for four years; she is currently teaching her first year of high school here. So far teaching high school students has been enjoyable for her, and she hopes that more people will want to take her classes in the future.

”I decided to start teaching so I could share my passion of art with students, and so I could teach students not to be afraid to make mistakes when being creative,” Flamm said. (Brief  by Daniel Xiang)


Will Dillingham

District Technician 

William Dillingham is the building’s new District Technician. He is tasked with fixing technological issues that teachers and staff are experiencing. Aiding Dillingham in fixing the many tech related problems the school has, is a CompTIA A+ certification he’s earned for computer diagnosing.  Dillingham, has moved around the District quite a bit before coming to FHN. The atmosphere at North has been nice and friendly.

“[The best part is] I get to see people very much excited about new technology and implementing new technology,” Dillingham said. (Brief by Heeral Patel)


Matt Howard

Science Teacher

Matt Howard has graduated with a degree in biology and worked as a teacher’s assistant. He heard good things about FHN from friends who graduated, so he decided to teach physical science and biology here after working as a long-term substitute here for Rachael Snider last quarter.

“My student teaching and observation here really helped affect my decision coming to Francis Howell North to work here,” Howard said. “Building that great rapport with other teachers, the students, really almost making Francis Howell North become my home before I even had that opportunity to come here and work.” (Brief by Daniel Xiang)