Top 8 Places To Get Ice Cream in and Around Saint Louis

These are some of the best places in St. Louis to get some great ice cream on any summer or winter day. The flavors and the toppings will always have customers coming back for more scoops.


Credit to Delanie Bradbury

Cottleville Cookies & Cream is located at 5525 Oak St, in Cottleville, MO. Cottleville Cookies and Cream is ranked sixth in this Top Eight list.

By Ashya Roberson

1.) McDonald’s-

McDonald’s comes first because of their famous M&M and Rolo McFlurries. Using classic vanilla makes everything great because it’s not overpowering and it’s just the right consistency of M&Ms and ice cream. They spin the ice cream for more than five seconds to have it mixed perfectly in every bite.

2.) Dairy Queen-

Out of the 15 Blizzards, the ones I buy the most are the M&M Blizzard and the Royal Oreo Blizzard. However, the Peanut Butter Parfait is by far one of my favorites on the menu. The chocolate sauce compliments the peanuts perfectly, making a sweet and salty combination that’ll have customers’ taste buds skyrocketing.

3.) Cold Stone-

Cold Stone made it near the top of the list because it lets customers add any candy bar they want to their ice cream. French vanilla, chocolate, sweet cream, mint and cheesecake are just some of the flavors at Cold Stone. I always go with the classic birthday cake with Kit Kats because it’s the ultimate duo.

4.) Deter’s-

Deter’s frozen custard has by far many flavors and toppings. The staff is friendly and their portions are huge.  They have Rocky Road, The Cardinal, The Hawaiian and Hot Fudge Holstein. Deter’s is just a type of custard you can eat any day at any time. They’re one of many people’s favorite places to eat at.

5.) Baskin Robbin’s-

They are one of my favorite places to get ice cream because of their waffle cones. The cones are baked to golden brown, complementing the many flavors they have, such as American Birthday Cake, Black Walnut and Oreo Cheesecake. To me, it’s the best part because not only do I get one of the best ice creams in the world, I also get a crunchy cone at the end of it.

6.) Cottleville Cookies And Cream-

Not many people know about this amazing place that serves the best of both worlds: cookies and ice cream. They have very few flavors, but their top ones to me are the Strawberry Cheesecake, Birthday Treat and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. They also sell a St. Louis favorite, which is Fitz’s Root Beer.

7.) Snow Factory Roll Ice Cream-

They are one of my favorites because you can see them prep your custom-made ice cream. You can add just about anything to your ice cream, like syrup, bananas, cookie dough, sprinkles and fruit, and it’ll still look like a hundred bucks. My personal favorite is the cookies and cream with extra chocolate sauce.

8.) Insomnia Cookies-

They may be known for their cookies, but their ice cream with tiny cookie bites is also amazing. Most people go for their double chocolate cookies, but I personally go for the vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and sliced brownies on top. M&Ms, peanuts, sprinkles, Reese’s and brownie chunks are just some of the toppings you can add to their ice cream.