The Negative Effects of Jobs While in High School

Having a job during the school year can become unhealthy and can lead to bad habits. Trying to juggle work, school and any other extra curricular activities isn’t worth the money and experience that working gives


(Illustration by Rebekah Myers)

By Zach Askew

I know a lot of students who have quit their jobs because of how much it can interfere with school. It adds a lot to their schedule and doesn’t give them time to focus on school. School is all about preparing for the future, so it makes sense to get a head start and get prepared by getting a job, but students still shouldn’t have them. Getting a job this early is not worth the benefit of money. While having a job may seem like a good way to earn money, it will also put a lot of stress on a student.

The average student works 18 hours in a school week, and working this long can really drain the energy from a student, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. It can be especially harmful if they go from school to extracurricular activities to work and then use whatever remaining time for homework and studying. Doing this on a daily basis can mess up students’ sleep schedules and cause them to fall behind in their classes.

It is very common for students to overwork themselves for the money. It isn’t healthy. According to the American Psychological Association, school is the top source of stress among teens. Adding on to the stress can be harmful to a student’s health now and in the coming years.

If a student absolutely must have a job, they should still be careful about where they work. It is important to make sure work can fit into a school schedule. Students need to do a lot of research and be sure it is the right job for them and not just the highest paying job. They should make sure that the job can be really flexible so they don’t struggle to get everything done that needs to be finished. It is important for a student to find a job they are comfortable with and not just the highest paying one. If they must work, they should find a job that gives them time to focus on school and their future.