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Q&A with Varsity Volleyball Libero Sarah Zimmerman


Credit to Wil Skaggs

Junior Sarah Zimmerman high fives her coach and teammates before the match.

By Joel Boenitz

Q: What is your main role as the libero?

A: My main role as libero is to lead the defense. I’m basically in charge of keeping the ball from hitting the ground at all times and I’m the main voice of communication, especially on serve receive.

Q: How do the coaches pick who the libero is? Why did they pick you?

A: At tryouts, the coaches pick who the libero is based on who the best passer is and the best on defense, and I scored over ten points higher than anyone else at tryouts, so I guess that would leave me at the top.

Q: How do you feel your season has gone so far?

A: Overall, I think the season has gone really well for us, especially considering the past few years on varsity, because we’ve already beaten our previous record, although not by much, we still have improved. I think our team has really clicked this year, which has definitely shown on the court, we’re a lot more determined, and for us to be getting as far as we have been with the five injuries we’ve had, I’d say it’s pretty impressive.

Q: What challenges have your team faced?

A: Our team has faced a lot of challenges when it comes to injuries. We have torn ACLs, we’ve had back stress fractures, we’ve had rolled ankles, we’ve had pulled shoulders. We’ve had a whole variety of injuries that we’ve had to overcome which also means changes in lineups and positions and some people have had to play in spots they have never played in before, but everyone’s done a good job adjusting, and I’m really proud of our team.

Q: So far, what has been the best part about this season?

A: The best part about this season has definitely been the people on the team so far. We’ve so far had such a drama-free season and everyone clicks on and off the court. Everyone’s friendly, everyone’s nice, and it’s really been the first year that everyone’s gotten along so well and I think it shows on the court as well.

Q: How have you and your team bonded this season?

A: We’ve bonded really well this season. Like I said, everyone gets along really well, super fantastic, we can all joke around, but also play seriously at the same time. And I don’t think it’s just from team bonding and things like that, even though that was a lot of fun, everybody’s personality is just fantastic.

Q: With only four games left until districts, what should we expect to see from your team?

A: I would definitely say, expect us to be fighting and going down as champions, no matter what we’re doing. Whether or not we come out with a win, obviously that’s what we’re striving for, but it’s not always what happens, even when you give one-hundred percent. The next few games are going to be challenging, because we face Howell and Eureka, and they’re good teams. But we’re a good team too this year, so we’ll put up a fight.

Q: What would be your goal for districts?

A: Our district goal as far as how far we want to get in the tournament is we want to make it to the third round. It’s a personal goal, and it’s just to keep everyone positive and excited about our games because we’ll get a little rough in the middle of our games, so I want to try and keep that to a minimal.