Senior Maddie Oswald on Her Last Year of Girls Tennis with FHN and More in Q&A


Credit to Paige Westermann

Maddie Oswald prepares to hit the ball back over the net.

By Stacy Beasley

Q: How has tennis affected your life?

A: It’s brought me so close to my teammates and I’ve gained some of my best friends from it. It’s really shaped my social life in high school.

Q: What’s it like balancing school and sports?

A: It’s hard. I try to make myself happy before starting school-work. I try my best to balance friends, school and tennis.

Q: Do you want to continue playing tennis after high school?

A: Of course, maybe not for college, but I do plan to play recreationally. I love the sport and want to continue to have it in my life.

Q: How do you consistently improve?

A: I play year-round. I take lessons in the offseason. I play with my friends all the time. It’s nice when your best friends also play a sport along side you.

Q: How did this year pan out for you?

A: It was definitely a learning experience. I’ve learned how to manipulate the game and better improve myself as a player. My mindset has changed a lot over the past four years.

Q: How do you feel about graduating this year and the future of the team?

A: It’s really sad. I’ll miss the tournaments and my teammates. Despite that, I’m also pretty excited for the team’s future. I think the juniors will really embrace the role as leaders and improve on things.