Athletes of the Week: Q&A’s with Maggie Hillman and Daniel Ostrovsky


Credit to Savannah Wandzel and Jordan Milewzcik

Senior Maggie Hillman runs in a cross country meet for Francis Howell North’s varsity team and Senior Daniel Ostrovsky leads the varsity football team onto the field.

By Joel Boenitz, Fabian Schwuchow

Daniel Ostrovsky

Q: How long have you played football?

A: I have been playing for 8 years.

Q: For this season, what was a goal you and your team reached?

A: To get stronger and faster, and beat some teams.

Q: What is your favorite thing you remember this season?

A: I hit this dude really hard and he flew like five yards.

Q: How much time do you spend with football?

A: I spend pretty much 3 to 4 hours every day.

Q: How do you balance school and sports?

A: I play my sport after school and do my homework right after practice.

Q: What did you want to reach this season?

A: Trying to get into the eleven hundred pound club, it’s like how much you can bench, squat and power work in the same time. I got that.

Q: When you look back on this season, what went good and what went bad?

A: What went good is that some games we played as a team and some games we fell apart but we fought through it.

Q: After a win, do you have a culture to celebrate the win, and are you and your team doing more than cut the pipe?

A: We do stickers on the helmets, after a game to see who did really good against other people.

Q: How has playing on the high school team affected your relationship with your teammates?

A: We are close together, we played like brothers. I can probably trust everybody on this team to have my back.

Q: What is the best game you think you and your team has played this season?

A: I guess Washington because we just kept scoring. That was fun.

Q: Why should people join our football team?

A: Because we are a hardworking team and we teach more than playing football, we teach brothership.


Maggie Hillman

Q: What kind of role has cross country played in your life?

A: Actually, a huge one compared to the time I have been running just because from last spring starting track, I feel like running has just become a huge part of my life.

Q: How has this season gone for your team?

A: Very well. We made it past districts as a team, we’ve done pretty good, we’ve got first twice, and we’ve got sectionals tomorrow, which we are projected to do well at.

Q: How has this season gone individually?

A: Same as the team. I actually surprised myself, starting at the beginning of the season it wasn’t looking as well but I’ve just pushed through and it’s been a lot better than I expected.

Q: What do you enjoy most about running cross country?

A: What I enjoy most about running is no matter the mood that I go into it with, I always come out in a better mood. It always makes me feel better.

Q: What are you most proud of in your high school career?

A: Cross country season, because I feel I am most successful and the most comfortable in that. I love playing basketball, but comparatively, I haven’t been as successful. I love my team and I love the sport, but there’s just something about cross country that’s different.

Q: What are some of your favorite things that you’ve done this season?

A: Keeping an optimistic mind even when I don’t know a course. When we went to McNair Park, everyone would know the course and I would just be kind of blindsided almost, and also being sick as well, I’m just glad I kept with it.

Q: How has running cross country affected your relationship with your teammates?

A: Mackenzie Pugh has been someone I’ve played on the basketball team with, but now as runners, you develop a different relationship. I mean Paige Hercules is one of my best friends now and I talk to Heidi Hauptman, Claire Huss, and Hannah DeGraw, it’s just been a good experience getting to know them on a different level.

Q: What is the best meet you think you have run?

A: My favorite was probably Border Wars because that’s where I have PR’d last and it was something I was striving for all season, so it wasn’t just a PR, but a goal I reached.

Q: What is a goal your team has for the rest of the season?

A: I am hoping we push through and make it past sectionals as a team.

Q: How do you plan to prepare for sectionals?

A: We’ve been tapering all week, and we got to know the course really well. We’ve ran it twice now and all the workouts and all the runs, I’ll be counting on those from the beginning of the season.