HOSA Cabinet Members Attend Fall Conference in Jefferson City


FHN HOSA officers attended a HOSA Fall Conference in Jefferson City on October 26 and 27. (photo submitted)

By Sammie Herr, North Star News Section Editor

HOSA cabinet members took a two day trip from Oct. 26 to 27 at the Capital Place Hotel in Jefferson City for a fall conference. There, they attended various seminars to strengthen their leadership skills and gather new ideas for their chapter.

“Outside of meeting new friends, I’d say the food was my favorite part,” senior Connor Gallagher said. “We got to sit down and talk with everybody from other schools and HOSA programs. We got to see what other people do at their school and it was cool to engage in that”

Most of their day consisted of going to different seminars. A few were called Leadership Development, Social and Recreational Activities and Emotional Intelligence. The participants who went consisted of HOSA advisor Matthew Riffee and HOSA cabinet members Hannah Zimmerman, Sarah Zimmerman, Han Cam, Connor Gallagher, Jose Alega and Caty Arnold.

“I would say my favorite part was probably learning the difference between leadership and managing,” senior Arnold said. “I went to a seminar on that and I learned how to use individual strengths and how we, as a club,can use our skills to lead better in general.”

Not only did club member get to learn new things, but they also got to make new friends from other schools. They had fun while learning about activities other schools do and different tips that other schools had to offer.

“My favorite part of the trip was definitely meeting new people,” junior Cam said. “There was a moment when we were doing the workshops, and I formed my own clique. They invited me to have lunch with them and we played bingo. I had a really fun time. We brainstormed and came up with so many ideas to bring back. I hope what we bring back benefits us. I want to see our club grow from this.”