Junior Kimberlin Sargent’s Family Was Affected by Hurricane Harvey


Credit to Photo Submitted

Junior Kimberlin Sargent’s aunt and uncle and grandparents live in Texas and were affected by the category three Hurricane Harvey.

By Madison Meers and Allison Cavato

On Aug. 25, 2017 the city of Houston, TX was hit with a category three hurricane, now commonly known as Hurricane Harvey. Though it did not have the same effect for people around the U.S, it did have an affect on junior Kimberlin Sargent and her family.

“My aunt and uncle and my grandparents were all affected by the hurricane in some way, though the damage to their houses and property were not severe,” Kimberlin said.

Kimberlin’s family lives not far outside of Houston where the hurricane directly hit. Her aunt and uncle did not evacuate because they live on higher ground. Her grandparents did not evacuate either due to her grandfather having cancer and needing PET scans.

“I was nervous because I knew they weren’t going to evacuate and they had just recently got hit,” Kimberlin said. “We were also nervous because my grandpa had to get PET scans and he wouldn’t be able to get them because the roads were flooded.”

Though they were not directly in the way of the hurricane, Kimberlin’s grandparents suffered from minor wind damage and damaged hay bales. Her grandparents’ 15-acre property was also partially flooded, which kept them from leaving their house.

“Other members of my family have gone down to support and help them, and some have been sending donations down to them,” Kimberlin’s Mom, Leigh Sargent said. “We went through this a few years ago and it was like reliving those events and losing everything all over again.”