New Resource Officer Comes to FHN

Kelsey Decker

By Ronald Joel

Video: FHN has recently hired a new school resource officer, Officer Travis Scherder comes from the St. Peters Police force after being on patrol for the past 11 years. While being here Officer Scherder is hoping to not only help students at school, but give police officers a better reputation and show that they are there to help and aren’t against everyone. Scherder is hoping to ensure that FHN is always a safe place to be and wants to get to know the students and staff. 

“I want to be here and I want students to know that I’m here so if they ever need anything they can always come talk to me,” said Scherder.

Travis Scherder is the new full-time school resource officer. Before working here, he filled in as SRO for schools in the Zumwalt district. Now assigned here, this is his first full-time SRO position. Scherder was assigned to FHN on Nov. 6.

“I think he’s going to be a great new SRO,” sophomore Connor Kuhlmann said. “I really am hoping to see a change, which I know will happen.”

For the time that Scherder has been here, he has enjoyed the school for the people, both staff and students, as well as working in the school. As it is his first full-time SRO position, he can start to see for himself how the school can be kept safe by bringing in his expertise from his previous years.

“I’ve only been here for about a month,” Scherder said. “But I already like this school as it is. Both teachers and the students are welcoming. I’m really looking forward to the year.”

Scherder went to the Police Academy and graduated in 2006, getting hired for the St. Peter’s Police Department. For the time that he has been here, he says he has had a great time and really likes the generous admin and teachers.

“I am confident he will do a very nice job,” Principal Andrew Downs said. “We are grateful to have a resource officer in our building, as the SRO helps to keep the building safe and secure by sharing his or her expertise and by acting as a liaison between the school and the police department.”