Trump’s Tweets and the Presidency


(Illustration by Riley Kampff)

By Uma Upamaka

With any previous president, the main route of communication was press conferences with the news media. In this manner, Trump is unprecedented.

Instead of addressing the nation through the eyes of the press, he tweets.

Regardless of one’s opinion on Trump, it can be agreed that his tweets are often at the center of national (and international) news. The often incendiary snippets of the president’s thoughts tend to cause media firestorms and provoke reactions among many. Take this series of tweets, for example:


His change in positions regarding Roy Moore’s ability to win the election is a reflection of the changing political climate. While Trump did support Moore through the allegations, as soon as he lost, the support was immediately dropped in favor of rectifying his previous mistake of supporting him. While the statements are roughly phrased, they display Trump’s confidence in his own actions. Public opinion notwithstanding, Trump’s decisions remain entirely his own (even through protests and outbursts of public rage). In making the bold statements that he tends to lean toward, Trump displays unwavering faith in his own decisions (past, present and future).

Trump’s statements can be explosive, abrasive and brash. They act as a rallying cry to his supporters and as an annoyance to those who disavow his actions in office. Regardless of what they portray, there is one thing that his tweets are: a constant display of confidence from someone who may be one of the most unconventional presidents.