PLTW Biomedical Teacher Dawn Hahn Receives Teacher of the Year Award


Credit to Alex Rowe

PLTW Biomedical teacher Dawn Hawn accepts the award of Teacher of the Year on Jan. 10, 2018.

By Sarah Zimmerman

For PLTW Biomedical Science teacher Dawn Hahn, an ordinary Wednesday faculty meeting on Jan. 10 took an extraordinary turn for her when she was announced Teacher of the Year. After 25 years of teaching, with 16 years at FHN, Hahn’s dedication, enthusiasm and passion led to her receiving the award.

“I wasn’t expecting it, when you’re in a group of great teachers like we have at North, and you see the talent and the passion that are sitting around you, it’s kind of crazy to see yourself as viewed in the top group of what they would consider their professional class,” Hahn said. “It was humbling, but it was a really cool experience to be up there knowing that sitting up in the seats of the tables are so many incredible teachers that we have here every day.”

Throughout November, FHN staff and administration nominated and voted on deserving teachers until only one teacher remained: Hahn. Meanwhile, Hahn continued to teach her students, striving to become a better teacher each day.

“She doesn’t treat you as a student, she treats you as a friend and she’s fine with anything you ask her,” sophomore Harshitha Segabandi said. “She strives for you to get a good grade. She cares about your grade and that you’re doing good in that class and that you learn the material.”

Although Hahn was surprised to receive the award, her students were not.

“She gives time for us in her room after school for anything we need, even if she’s not in it, even with her busy schedule, she makes time for everyone if they need it,” sophomore Akila Uppalapati said. “I think that she’s a great teacher and she’s definitely deserving of this award.”