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Maintenance Man Stan Robertson Recognized with Support Staff of the Year Award


Credit to Alex Rowe

Maintenance man Stan Robertson with FHN Principal Andrew Downs after Robertson was awarded the third annual Support Staff of the Year award

By Sarah Zimmerman

If he needs to stay late to do something or come early, he definitely does that.

— Mike Janes

For the third year at FHN, another behind-the-scenes building hero was recognized at the faculty meeting on Jan. 10.  From replacing and fixing ceiling and floor tiles to doing plumbing and electrical work to helping a club bust open a safe, maintenance man Stan Robertson has helped keep FHSD buildings running for ten years. 

“I think he goes above and beyond,” activities director Mike Janes said. “He works very efficiently. He has a great attitude when working with things. I think he has a great relationship with our students and staff and is very well liked and has a great attitude. If he needs to stay late to do something or come early, he definitely does that. He’s very mindful of the learning that goes on here, and he’s just very knowledgeable in everything.”

Not only does Robertson mind the learning in classrooms by trying not to obstruct hallways and avoiding drilling near classrooms with classes present, but, like most support staff employees, Robertson goes about each day without a lot of recognition. Regardless, he still works hard to keep up with work orders and continue bringing FHN up to standard.

“It makes me feel good,” Robertson said. “It makes me [feel] that my work that I have done has been paid off. People appreciate what I’ve done, and it motivates me to keep working as hard as I can. It makes you feel like you can accomplish something and thankful that they recognized me and thankful that they appreciate what we do here.”

With all the work Robertson does around the building, he leaves a mark.

“Stan is a miracle worker,” administrative assistant Angela Lawson said. “Our building is actually the oldest high school in Francis Howell, actually among the oldest buildings, strangely enough, so we have some maintenance challenges, and he fixes anything and gladly. He loves the building and loves the kids, so he takes great pride in what he does and wants everything to work. He’s amazing. He definitely deserved that award.”