More Than a Team: Varsity Girls Basketball Bonds On and Off the Court


Credit to Wil Skaggs

The varsity girls Lady Knights basketball team huddles for a time out in the Howell North gym on 1/16 vs. Timberland.

By Stacy Beasley

The Lady Knights basketball team practices day in and day out. They usually have a game a week, sometimes more. In seeing each other so much, it’s hard for the girls to not form their own culture and social circle. Many of the teammates are close to each other and hang out outside of school. They also respect and look up to their new head coach Dawn Hahn.

“We have a lot of team bonding activities that we do together. Before each home game we have a team meal, and just the other week we went to a teammate’s farmhouse, so we spend a lot of time together outside of school,” junior Payton Stephenson said.

The girl’s record is 4-11 this year. This may seem like nothing special, but last year’s team only won five games. It’s only January, so with the time they have left, the team is looking to shatter their previous record and end the season in high spirits.

“Our biggest inspiration is definitely coach Hahn. She is one of the most inspirational people we could have as a coach, and she’s constantly pushing us to be our best and won’t accept anything less than that,” Stephenson said. “She’s showed us that we can get anything in life if we just work for it and not settle.