DECA Hosts First Volleyball Tournament on Jan. 24


Credit to Wil Skaggs

Junior Sarah Zimmerman high fives her coach and teammates before the match.

By Jenna Galkowski

On Jan. 24 DECA will be holding its first ever volleyball tournament. This event will be held in the gym at 7 p.m. All the proceeds will be going to the club. DECA wanted to do a different event other then the DECA jumpoff. The lack of people signing up for the jumpoff is what caused them to stop. There will be no cost to get in to the games.

“People didn’t seem that excited and didn’t want to do the jump off,” DECA President Maggie Hillman. “I’m excited for our DECA members to get to know each other better and have fun.”

The tournament isn’t just about who wins. Each team that signed up has an unique team name and will be dressing up in a costume. The team that has the most creative costume will also be winning a prize.

“My team is called ‘The Setsy and We Know it,'” Senior Communication officer Julianne Mecklenburg said. “We are either dressing up as the bright colors and crazy outfits from the ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ music video or doing an underwater theme where we will wear floaties and just a bunch of pool toys.” 

To make this all happen DECA will need six teams to play against each other. This event is bringing people that have, and haven’t, played volleyball before to play it together. Each team is different in its own way. The teams can be as big as ten or as small as six players.

“I’m most excited to be reunited with girls that I haven’t played with since the high school season,” junior Brittany Skeen said. “My team is looking pretty good. We have a few tall guys that play volleyball, so that will give us an advantage. We also have our secret weapon, but I’m not going to tell who that is.”