Erin Stock on Her Senior Season and Goals For State


Credit to Sam Cary

Senior Erin Stock swims in a varsity girls meet vs. Timberland and Francis Howell on 1/9.

By Patty O'Leary

Q: Having gone to State every year of your high school career up to this point, what are your hopes for State this year?

A: I’m looking to place higher than I have in previous years and make finals so I’ll try my hardest and we’ll see.

Q: Is there more pressure with this being your senior season and last time going to state?

A: Absolutely, this is my last year and I’m also looking to break the school record at state this year.

Q: How is your senior season different from your freshman, sophomore or junior season?

A: It seems like it’s flown by a lot faster which is bittersweet but since I’m the team captain this year there’s more of a sense of leadership and I get to help guide the team which I like a lot.

Q: How do you balance swim with all of your other activities and schoolwork?

A: Focusing on time management helps and I don’t get a lot of sleep but it’s just what I love to do so I end up making it work. I actually like being busy which is weird but I really do like it.

Q: Can you describe the relationship between you and the rest of your teammates?

A: It’s really just lighthearted and fun, we love to joke around with each other and we’re never really serious with each other which I love and it builds a great team atmosphere.

Q: How would you say your season has gone so far for you?

A: I think it’s going great, I made state again which was one of my goals and I think that I helped to motivate the team more than I ever have because as captain I tried to keep the atmosphere fun and not too serious.

Q: What are you most looking forward to doing with the rest of your season?

A: I really just want to make the most of it and take these last few weeks and not let them go by as fast as the rest of the year has gone and make the most of what I have left.

Q: When your swimming during the meet, what is going through your head?

A: Usually I try to keep my head clear which is the best for me but sometimes random things will pop into my head, but usually it’s clear and I’m just having fun and doing what I love best.