KOE Holds Third Hat Day Of The Year


Credit to Sophie Carite

KOE Member Hannah Davis poses in the hat she wore on Feb. 7 for KOE’s third hat day. All money from this fundraiser will be donated to FHN’s adopt a family.

By Sophie Carite

KOE hosted their third hat day of the school year on Feb. 7. The club raised $120 for FHN’s adopt a family program, though according to KOE leaders the club usually raises much more than that.

FHSD’s dress code doesn’t allow for hats or hoods to be worn during the school day or on school property because they may be disruptive and make identifying students much harder.  According to KOE sponsor Kristen Johnson, students like to take advantage of hat days whenever they are given the opportunity.

“I think hat days help students to realize that something that makes them happy, like wearing a hat, can help others,” Johnson said.

KOE’s hat days usually raise about $300, and all the money raised goes to FHN’s adopt a family. The money for adopt a family is collected through fundraisers, like hat day, throughout the year and used for FHN families in need around Christmas time.

“I love wearing my beanie to school, but I also love that the money goes to helping others, especially at FHN,” sophomore Anjolina Blackwell said.

KOE plans to continue hat days as fundraisers, because of the popularity of all the hat days to date.

“I haven’t helped with any of the hat days yet,” KOE member Hannah Davis said. “But I plan to get more involved in them because of how beneficial they are to everyone involved.”