Boys and Girls Basketball Host Tenth Annual “Pink Out” Game


Credit to Wil Skaggs

Katherine Brooks cheers during Pink Ribbon game against Howell on February 9

By Liz Wagner

The Howell North Boys Basketball team traded in their gold and black for pink and white last Friday to support a cause that hits home with the whole program.

The Knights fell to Howell 80-48 in the rivalry contest. The boys put together a strong offensive effort all night, led by Justin Mathews-Williams.

More importantly than the score or the game, the boys used the match to host their 10th annual “Pink Out”, an event to bring support and awareness to those who have won, lost and are currently fighting the battle against breast cancer.

“Pink out gives me a chance to play in front of my grandma, who has had breast cancer twice, so it means a lot to me,” said Drew Scheer. “The atmosphere is different for Pink Out. There are so many people that show up and just make it a much better time, the school comes together for it.”

Rallied by the basketball program, the gym was decked out with pink banners, signs and balloons, shining a light on the student section which was glowing bright pink in support of the cause.

The event was also supported by the Lady Knights Basketball team who, after selling pink out shirts, played their hearts out sporting pink hair dye.

“This year I chose to wear pink for Coach Hahn. She’s been a major supporter of the cause since her mom passed of cancer,” said Lady Knights basketball player Patty O’Leary. “She’s taken that event which was so hard on her and turned it positive by using it to inspire others, and that’s the whole reason we have this night.”

The boys look for this positive energy and atmosphere to continue in their next game against Liberty on February 14.