FHN Alumni Talk About Their Experience in College


(Images from creative commons)

By Allison Cavato, Excalibur Yearbook

Alumna Sami Weyhrich and Alumni Drew Lanig and Dan Boerelli, all graduated from FHN in June of 2017. It was an emotional and exciting milestone in their life and they were all extremely excited to take on the college experience.

“It was really weird seeing that you have to say all these goodbyes to everyone and ending all your extra curricular clubs and it was kinda hard to transfer, but I’m really happy now that I’m in college,” Borelli said.

Sami Weyhrich is a current freshman at Mizzou. Weyhrich had a busy high school life being involved in DECA, KOE, Ecology Club, being a Mentor, playing volleyball and managing volleyball. Weyhrich plans to major in food science nutrition with a business and chemistry minor, which is why she chose Mizzou. At Mizzou, Weyhrich is involved in a tour team, sister support group, Chi Omega, STUMO which is a Greek life group for Chi Omega and a scholarship committee for Chi Omega. Weyhrich enjoys being in college and has made a lot of new friends this past semester.

“College was a lot different than I expected,” Weyhrich said. “It kinda hit me in the face with the responsibility that came with it.”

Drew Lanig is also a current freshman at Mizzou. At FHN Laing was involved in track, cross country, KOE, NHS and HOSA. Lanig really enjoyed high school and getting to build relationships with friends and teachers that lasted his four years in high school. He developed a lot of study and social skills during his time at FHN, which are essential for college. Lanig is working on getting his nursing degree. He really enjoys the freedom that comes with college and getting to hang out with his friends more. To keep busy in college Lanig is involved in nursing club, Delta Chi and he is trying to get onto a tour team.

“I grew up always watching Mizzou sports and they have a good nursing program, so it was a good opportunity for me,” Laing said.

Dan Borelli is a freshman at Truman State University. He loved his time at FHN, because he had a lot of really good friends and teachers. He was also involved in drama, choir and NHS. Borelli took a lot of AP classes while at FHN which helped prepare him a lot for college, because it already gave him college credits and it helped when applying for jobs. Borelli was not anticipating on going to Truman, but he got accepted in and he says it was definitely the right choice and best fit for him. He is majoring in health science with a concentration in public health. Borelli participated in a musical first semester and he really enjoyed it. He thought he was going to be done with theater after high school, but he decided to audition for the musical at Truman and got a part. He is very happy he auditioned, because he met some of his good friends through it and it has been one of his favorite parts of college so far.

“I really like college,” Borelli said. “It’s a lot different than I expected, because it’s a whole new world. You have to have a home at school and at your own house but I really like the independent aspect of it.”