Knights of the Round Table Ceremony on February 21


Credit to File Photo

English teacher Shelly Parks stands with her nominee Amelia Primeau at the 2018 Knights of the Round Table ceremony.

By Heidi Hauptman, Staffer

Between the walls of FHN, there are thousands in unique individuals, special in their own way. Every year, the staff and administrations team tries to recognize students for being themselves and being special. The Knights of the Round Table award helps with this goal. The yearly ceremony of Knights of the Round Table is put together by KOE and it has been a tradition that FHN has done for years. The Knights of the Round Table award is an award given to students by a staff member. Each staff member has the opportunity to nominate one student of their choosing to get this award. They can nominate the student for whatever reason they wish whether it be for athletics, academics, or simply being able to put a smile on the teachers face.

“That is really what this award is about,” KOE sponsor Lindsey Scheller said. “There aren’t any requirements to get this award so there’s nothing that the students can really do to try and achieve it besides just being an awesome person. It is really unique in that way and that’s the reason that it is so special.”

This year, the Knights of the Round Table ceremony took place on Wednesday, Feb. 21. A total of 94 students were chosen by staff to be honored during the ceremony. The evening started with a welcoming and an explanation of the award by Scheller. Then, the induction of members took place. Each student’s name was announced along with the staff member who nominated them. The student and staff member then walked across a stage and the staff member placed a medal around the students neck while Scheller read off a blurb about why the student was nominated that the staff member had written up. Student’s didn’t know who nominated them until the night of the ceremony.

“It came as a complete shock to me that he [Sean Fowler] nominated me,” junior Peyton Herbert said. “It was a really cool surprise though. I liked the aspect of not knowing until the ceremony and then being able to see all the great things they had to say about you.”