Katie Forth and Her Beautiful Eyes


By Abagayle Johnson and Kaili Martin

With less then 1% of the world having different colored eyes, freshman Katie Forth has brown and hazel eyes. Heterochromia iridum is the medical term for having two different colored eyes. Growing up she did not think much of it, as her father has blue eyes and her mother has brown eyes. As she got older, however, she realized how rare it was to have different colored eyes. Her eyes have never affected anything major in her life. Usually, when Forth makes new friends, the first thing they notice are her eyes. However, nobody particularly notices Forth’s eyes unless she specifically tells them, most of the time.

My mom was confused when she first saw my eyes when I was born and was nervous about what could’ve happened while I️ was a baby, as well as about what the doctor would say about it,” Forth said.

Heterochromia iridum is not hereditary in Katie’s family, but she loves how unique it is.

Forth’s friends appreciate how unique her eyes are as well. Maritza Bautista is one of Katie’s friends. Bautista never knew anyone that had different colored eyes until she met Forth.

I️ always talked to her, but I️ never really noticed they were different colors until I️ looked at her eyes closely,” Bautista said. “I️ think it’s a unique part of her that makes Katie herself.”