Shelly Parks is Awarded FHSD Teacher of the Year


By Anna Lindquist

English teacher Shelly Parks was announced to be FHSD Teacher of the Year during third hour on Wednesday Feb. 28. Students led her out to the front lobby to surprise her with the award where she was met with a round of applause from students and faculty and a bouquet of flowers. After Superintendent Mary Hendricks-Harris congratulated her, Parks shed a tear and accepted hugs from her fellow teachers.

“I am so shocked,” Parks said. “I thought I was getting fired and I asked Katie [Greer] if she was boxing up my things as I was walking up. I have my mom here and my husband, and it’s so crazy.”

Parks has been teaching for 16 and a half years, graduating early from Harding University to start her teaching career and has put in a lot of effort in her classroom, according to sophomore Chloe Crafts.

“She’s so genuine, and she cares about every single one of her students,” Crafts said. “She deserves this award.”

Teachers of the year from the past two years are in the running to be FHSD Teacher of the Year. They have to fill out an application, then it gets submitted anonymously to the District Professional Development Committee for review.

“We have a lot of great teachers here at north,” Assistant Principal Dr. Chris Birch said. “When I think [about it] it’s Mrs. Parks willingness to works with students and support them in any way that she can. Mrs. Parks is consistently flexible and not afraid to take risks and try news things. I know, for me, those are some qualities I admire in a teacher, and she’s really good at connecting with kids.”

(Photos by Savannah Wandzel)