Class of 2020 Inducted as NHS Members


Credit to Kaili Martin

The National Honor Society inducted its new members in the large gym. Each inductee carried a small candle and placed it on a near by table. Some new members thought it was an honor to be in.

By Hadel Abdelkarim, Excalibur Staffer

On Mar. 7 students were inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS). This event has been occurring since 1987 when 50 students were inducted. The tradition still goes on today, as preparations are made from the beginning of January. Students receive an invite that allows them to participate in this event as long as students have an accumulative GPA of 3.75 or above.

“It’s a really big deal to have students inducted in NHS, there like the cream of the crop,” Angie Mason, business teacher and junior NHS sponsor, said.

Junior NHS Vice President Kira Ward was very excited for the event since she and the other junior officers get inducted and become the senior NHS officers for the following year.

“This is a really great and prestigious event to be at, because I used to look up to the other officers because they were like leaders to me,” Ward said.

The students at the induction ceremony walk in with a lighted candle, the candles are blue and yellow which are the colors of NHS. The students are also given a card, with space to answer a question, with an answer to a question like: “If you could meet any present or past famous person who would it be and why?”

Sophomore Kailey Cripps was one of the students nominated for NHS and her answer to this question was: “Adam Sandler, because he’s one of my favorite actors.”

Cripps was very thrilled and nervous to be one of the inductees at NHS.

“I am very excited, because this opens more opportunities that I didn’t know about,” Cripps said