HOSA Hosts First Annual Trivia Night


(Used with permission from Creative Commons)

By Uma Upamaka

HOSA hosted a trivia night fundraiser on Friday, March 2. The trivia night was mostly successful, and raised money for HOSA operating expenses. Tickets for the trivia night cost $8 per person, and there were 8 people seated per table. The trivia night required several weeks of preparation by a committee of HOSA members.

“There were 8 people included in the committee,” Sarah Zimmerman, who was in charge of organizing the trivia night, said. “It took about 8 meetings worth of planning to put everything together.”

The trivia night had a team format, where the people sitting at each table had to work together in order to answer questions. At the end of the trivia night, the winners were able to choose from a variety of prizes, including baskets of food and gift cards.

“I think the people who went had a lot of fun,” Zimmerman said. “It looked like everyone who went was enjoying themselves.”

This event was the first time HOSA hosted a trivia night, as nothing of the sort had ever been organized before by the club.

“I don’t know if we’ll have another trivia night next year, but I think this year’s trivia night went well,” Zimmerman said.