Siblings Kira and Avery Ward have a Passion for Volleyball


Credit to Photo Submitted

By Kylah Woods

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story stated that Darrin Ward played volleyball while at The Ohio State University, which could be inferred that he played for their team. This story has been changed to reflect that he played competitive intramurals, and not on The Ohio State University team. 

For siblings junior Kira and freshman Avery Ward, volleyball is more than just a sport to them. They’ve played volleyball together for around three years and it has created a strong bond between them.

“[Kira] started playing and I thought ‘Hey, maybe we could play together,’” Avery said. “It’s something we share a common interest in. It’s definitely given me something to do outside of school activities.”

Their father, Darrin Ward, was the main person who inspired them to play volleyball in the first place. He started his junior year in high school and played competitive intramurals all through college at The Ohio State University.

Avery started volleyball when he was 11. He plans on playing for the rest of his high school career and through college. Kira started volleyball in fourth grade. Though she does not plan on playing volleyball for the college she will go to in the future, she wants to continue playing for a club or recreational team.

“Kira is very good, she plays multiple positions, and she’s willing to adapt to anything,” Kent Stover, varsity girls’ volleyball coach, said.

Not only do they share a passion for a sport, but they share the same number: 20. However, having the same number was purely coincidental, according to Kira. Not only do they share a common number, but they share a love for volleyball and watching the other grow as players.

“Volleyball is my life,” Kira said. “It has affected every aspect of my life. I basically build my schedule around volleyball, but I would not change it one bit.”