Sprints 4×4 Team Reflects on Season at Midway Point


Credit to Josie Santel

Sprinter finishes race at the Saint Charles West meet.

By Stacy Beasley

At the height of the season, the boys track and field sprinters reflect on their progress so far, and where they need to go from here in order to succeed in the postseason. After a rocky start, the team has seemed to have found their footing and hopes to bring in many more medals before they check out for the season. The team has been switched up slightly, so the boys are still adjusting to each other and seem to have found a good chemistry.

“Coach this year is making us eventually run with the distance team, running some repeat 800s, but a lot of the time at the beginning of the season we were doing long distance stuff to keep us in shape and be ready for the end of the race,” Josh Tanner said.

The team contributes some of their success to Joshua Wright, their anchor on the 4×4 and unanimously considered the fastest for the team.

“I’ve run track since middle school,” Wright said. “I worked as hard as I could in practice, and I also prepare before the season starts and do workouts then, it also helps that I have spider legs.”

With a huge focus on cardiovascular endurance this season, the team hopes to go far this year and move on further than they ever have. The previous four years the sprinters haven’t made it past districts, but with the group they have now, they hope to make it past that. With the season halfway over, the boys feel in decent shape and confident enough to take on anything. With very tough competition this year they must work hard to get where they want.

“At the beginning of the year, we would run the 400 and be literally dead during it, and especially after it,” Tyler Tolliver said. “But now after our training and getting in better shape, we’re much better and conditioned as well as faster and stronger.”

With great team chemistry, a hard worth ethic, and good confidence, this 4×4 hopes to prove the doubters wrong and come out on top for their team.