Drama has a Successful Double Feature


Credit to Paige Westermann

Sophomore Dan Sommer and senior Bree Williams hide behind a rock during the dress rehearsal for “Peter Pan.” “The Knight Stories,” a combination of “Peter Pan” and “Princess and the Pauper,” was performed by the club on April 12, 13 and 14 in the auditorium.

By Michael Zull

According to drama teacher Kim Sulzner, Drama Club had an “almost perfect” double feature play on April 12, 13 and 14 at 7 p.m.

“It went so well, I can’t come up with enough adjectives to explain it,” Sulzner said. “There is just so much that went well that I can’t pick one thing over another.”

Drama Club was hard at work since February. Set building finished early, leaving them with enough time to work more on props that were not a part of the original design, such as the ship’s wheel and little trinkets. The extra time also allowed the designers to perfect their props.

“I think the extra detail we had time to add helped make it better,” junior Sarah Maye said. ”I think it helped give it a little more character.”

According to Sulzner, even though the performances went well, FHN is not likely to see another double feature anytime soon due to the high prices for the combined royalty fees of the two plays.

FHN may see more children-themed plays. “Peter Pan” and “Princess and the Pauper” were both children stories allowing students from Henderson Elementary to come over to view the live performance on April 12.

“[Performers] really enjoyed doing it and working with the little kids.” freshman Zoë Meier said. (Brief by Michael Zull)