Janet Stiglich and Chad Lange are the School Board’s Newest Members

In an election on April 5, Janet Stiglich and Chad Lange were elected to be the newest members on FHSD’s Board of Education


By Hannah Wilson

Janet Stiglich

After 24 years working as a nurse in the school district, Janet Stiglich became the newest FHSD board member. Now, her main priority is to learn more about her position and the district. While she realizes that this position comes with a lot of tough choices, such as dealing with decisions about Prop Learn, she is excited for the opportunity to give the students more opportunities to be heard.

“One of the things I really want to think about is making sure the board is more open to the kids because in the past couple months, I have really gotten to know some really cool kids and I would really like for that to continue,” Stiglich said. “Students are our future and we need your ideas and we need to make sure we are listening to you. I’m a patron of this district, I love this district, but you guys are what makes this district. I really want to make sure that I am working with the kids and that I keep that contact with the kids.

Chad Lange

Following a three-year term, Chad Lange has been re-elected to the FHSD board. His goal is to continue to move forward and make FHSD one of the top school districts in Missouri by trying to implement the Strategic Plan that the district has formed. This plan was made by teachers, parents, district staff and community members and includes resources like emotional support for teachers and students. He is appreciative for another opportunity to support the schools and keep FHSD moving in the right direction.

“I want to continue to support our teachers, support our staff, support everybody in the district and making sure everyone is on the same page,” Lange said. “I also want to keep everyone informed of what is going on, no more behind-the-scenes talks. Just being more open and receptive to opinions and suggestions, whatever we can do to make it better is what we need to continue doing.”