Summer Belongs to Everyone

As the year wraps up, take a moment to learn and reflect on memorable moments


(Illustration by Rebekah Myers)

By Editorial Staff

Here we are FHN. We’re approaching our last weeks of this high school year together. Only two more weeks of school and we’re off to a warm, relaxing summer. Our days of staying up late studying for the big test will soon turn into nights of watching the summer sky with friends. We only need to push a little harder and we’re there.

While the year ends, freshman still don’t know the halls or how to get to class fast enough and sophomores are itching to level up to an upperclassmen. Juniors are more stressed out than ever about their grades and seniors are stuck in between wanting to graduate and wanting to wait a little longer to grow up. Regardless, we all have one mutual thing on our mind: finals. Use these last weeks

to succeed because we only have limited time left. Once finals are over, that’s it. We reach the pearly, white gates of a much needed break.

Of course there will always be rough patches to reflect on, but we shouldn’t dwell on them. 20 years from now, when we look back on the 2017-18 school year, we’ll remember at the events we experienced, the adventures we had and the history we made. We’ll remember at the amount of hours we spent on projects. We’ll remember at the fights or arguments we had. We’ll remember at how fast we wanted to get out of high school. It will all be worth it one day. In the future, we’ll realize how much we’ve grown and matured since the beginning of high school.

As we finish this school year, don’t give up so fast. There’s still time left to work for that grade or make amends with people. Finish the year off strong with good grades and close relationships to set a base for a good summer. Make the most out of the golden years of high school. It doesn’t have to be cliché, but at the very least, make memories. When we reach that ending point of high school, summer belongs to us. High school belongs to us. Our lives belongs to us. It does not end here FHN.