Students Prepare to Showcase Clubs at Black and Gold Day


(file photo)

By Cole Sherman, Brandon Brophy, and Madi Shinault

It’s that time of the year where students begin getting involved in their new clubs and activities. FHN students and faculty host an annual event called Black and Gold Day where students can showcase their clubs and activities. The event is open to everyone in the community and allows everyone to check out the new things students are doing this school year.

“It’s open to all students and hopefully the community comes in and they can see what happens at the high school level,” Administrative Assistant Arlene Kearns said.

Students who are involved in clubs are able to set up booths around the stadium in order to fundraise money to support the clubs. Clubs are able to provide a variety of entertainment and business through selling food, beverages, clothing and a wide assortment of activities. At Black and Gold Day, Booster Club is setting up a dunk tank in the stadium to dunk one of FHN’s faculty members.

“It shows what our kids are involved in, it shows the amount of things we have available to kids and hopefully trying to get them more involved too,” Kearns said.

Most students attend Black and Gold Day to participate in the activities set up by the different clubs and sports teams for attendees. Other students attend to support their friends and teachers that play or coach a sport. Students get a chance to showcase their talent and new teams such as football, Knight Pride and soccer give a sneak peek at the season to come.

“I’m excited for Black and Gold day,” senior Goalkeeper Corey Valleroy said. “I get to see a bunch of friends and get to check out cool booths for each team. The scrimmages for football are always entertaining to watch and I love playing in front of everyone at the soccer scrimmage.”

Black and Gold Day will begin August 18 and will start at 3 p.m. and end around 8:30 p.m. at the stadium.