Stuco Prepares to Triple in Size


(Image from @ShellyParks5 on Twitter)

By Gracie Bowman, Claire Huss, and Justin Christensen

The new change in homeroom (Knight Time) has the potential of making FHN’s StuCo the largest in the state. Last year there was one representative from each homeroom making the group size about 125 active members, but now there will be four representatives from each grade in each homeroom, potentially making it three times the size than it was before.

“One of our greatest weaknesses last year was keeping everyone connected,” ELA teacher and sponsor Jani Wilkens said. “This year, each of our cabinet members are going to have their own group of about 15 people. They will be in charge of keeping their group updated on events going on, answering questions, and making sure their opinions are heard.”

Students felt left out of the group in previous years and members stopped attending meetings, according to StuCo President Brendan Gannon. The StuCo cabinet members, ELA Teacher Shelly Parks and Wilkens decided that there had to be a big change to bring a closer group together.

“Some general members felt left out,” Gannon said. “We wanted this year for everyone to be more involved. We want to increase the amount of work they’re doing.”

StuCo’s goal is to create an environment where students want to be at school and to create a positive change. Having more people in the organization could create a more impactful change to the school because there will be more heads and hands working to making the school come together as a community.

“It’s nice to be a big student council,” Gannon said. “We can have more beautification in the school.”

StuCo also wants to open a school store including different clubs in the school. Clubs would have merchandise they can sell and each club would incorporate their own piece into it. StuCo is also working to open the courtyard by the main office, so students can eat their lunch or just hangout outside.

“North is like our house,” Gannon said. “We are here more than we are at our own home. We need to take care of it and take care of each other.”