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Student Council Introduces New Homecoming Court Voting System


Credit to Savannah Wandzel

On Sept. 22, seniors Connor Gallagher and Jamie Sneed were announced as King and Queen of Homecoming.

By Madison Abanathie, Managing Editor

Homecoming is just two weeks away and what would it be without a Homecoming Court. Student Council, the club behind Homecoming, has introduced a new voting system for Court that doesn’t take time away from class and isn’t as time consuming for them.

“We thought if we sent out the google form for Homecoming voting through social media and other forms of communication, they [students] would be able to do it more freely and it wouldn’t disrupt the class or take class time away from the teacher,” StuCo Vice President Juan Alega said.

In the past StuCo would send out paper ballots for the preliminary court voting. When they would get the ballots back they would have to decipher different names and mark each vote down by hand. Now with the google form, all the votes go to one place and there is no issue of having to decipher names. In an effort to curve people voting multiple times, students will have to sign in with their school email to vote.

“You could go in and vote more than once before,” StuCo Sponsor Jani Wilkens said. “Now you have to place your name and ID, in addition to signing in with your school email, to vote.”

After voting closes on Wednesday, Sept. 5, the next step is voting for Homecoming King and Queen. StuCo plans to stick to the same system they had last year where students can vote on laptops during lunch.

“Laptops will be available during lunch to vote for Court,” Wilkens said. “For seniors, the top vote getter will get to be King and Queen. [King and Queen Voting] is more serious, and we want to give the platform and the place to do that.”