Coach Kent Stover Digs Into the Season with Girls Volleyball


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Coach Kent Stover talks to the Girls Volleyball team during a timeout.

Kent Stover has been a coach for the girls volleyball team for the past 20 years

Q: Who’s the captain this year?

A: The girls voted for Sarah Zimmerman and Payton Stephenson.

Q: Who should we be looking out for this season?

A: In terms of offense, Kylie Schaffer is finally healthy so she’s probably the one to watch out for and Sarah Zimmerman on defense.

Q:What are your goals for this season?

A: To improve every game that’s our biggest goal and to get better every game and practice.

Q: Are you guys keeping the ace-a-thon?

A: No. I would like to, but I do not have the time to run it and I do not have an assistant coach this year, so they can not either.

Q: Are their any cool traditions?

A: The pre-game warm they do a pregame cheer. It’s when all three teams come together to do the cheer its cool to watch.

Q:What are you most proud about so far?

A: True fact that every game we’ve played we’ve fought to the end. Even if we weren’t playing our best, we still fought, and the fact that we play so well together it seems like they truly like each other.

Q:  What do you see the most improvement in?

A:Probably has come from the increase in playing next to each other, since some of the people have not played together in a year or at all.

Q:Where do you guys need to keep improving?

A: We just need to get used to everybody playing their on position cause a lot of people are doing new things with new people.