Coach Brett Bevill Prepared to Tackle Season with Football


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The Knights Football team prepares to snap the ball to the quarterback.

By Joel Boenitz, editor

Brett Bevill is the head coach of the football team. He has been a coach for the past three years.

Q: What are your goals for the team this year?

A: Our goals are to improve at something everyday. For each individual they’re going to want to improve in different ways. But the most important thing we want to do is have each player be a great teammate. I’m more worried about bringing the team together rather than focusing on the individuals.

Q: Are you looking forward to this season? Why?

A: I’m very excited. I’m excited to get back out there, it’s fun being the football coach, it’s fun being around all the players. Even though it’s a lot of work, it’s very rewarding in the end.

Q: Are there any players that we should look out for this year?

A: You should look out for every player, because all of them work hard everyday.

Q: How long have you been preparing for the season?

A: Preparations usually begin in early February when we start hitting the weight room and also getting some running in and trying to build the team atmosphere.

Q: What do you do to prepare for the season?

A: The players use these training periods in order to prepare their bodies for the upcoming season. We use the weight room, although it’s for getting stronger, it’s also used to help prevent injuries throughout the season.

Q: Have there been any changes in key positions on your team?

A: If you were to look at our offense and a majority of our defense last year, there’s a lot of different people in a lot of different position. On offense, there are only one to two returners to varsity and our defense only has three to four. So everybody is practically new to a role, even some of the coaches. But it’s been a really great vibe so far.

Q: How do you hope to improve from last year?

A: We all want to win, but I want to challenge the kids to come together as a team. My challenge for them has been to stick together through thick and thin and improve, so my big thing is improving every day, every game and at the same time win more together.