Coach Larry Scheller Hopes for Great Improvement Among Fairly New Boys Soccer Team


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Coaches Larry Scheller [in yellow] and Zach Fettig talk to the soccer team before playing against CBC

By Julia Kristensen

Larry Scheller is the head coach of the boys soccer team. He has been a coach for 14 years, and has been head coach for eight of them.

Q: What are you excited about for this season?

A: You get a new group of guys and every time that a new season starts you’re really excited about seeing what you’re able to build with the guys that you have.


Q: What are some of the team’s strong aspects?

A: There’s a lot of kids on the team that have never played varsity before and with that it gives the team a lot of room to grow.


Q: How do you hope to improve from last year’s performance?

A: I don’t really compare from years to years because you have a different group of guys, so you don’t have the same group to improve upon, you just hope to improve upon the season.


Q: What are some of the challenges you will face this year?

A: We have a lot of young guys and keeping the team playing together as a unit.


Q:As a coach, what are some of the goals for your team?

A: We need to get better every time we step on the field, every single practice we need to take something out of it.


Q: Which games will be most challenging for the team this year?

A: Every conference game is a challenge, because each game has a different feel to it.


Q:What do you hope the team gains by the end of the season

A: I hope they understand the work ethic that is needed to succeed and in order to succeed we have to work together. As we’re working together they know they gave 100% on the field.