Matthew Howard Excited to Tee Off New Season with Girls Golf


Credit to Photo Submitted

Senior Sarah LaLonde putts the ball into the hole.

By Cole Sherman

Matthew Howard is an assistant coach for the Girls Golf team. This will be his first year coaching for the team.

Q: Are you looking forward to this season? Why?

A: Yes, I’m excited to see how the girls play and hopefully seeing them make it to state.

Q: What off-season training have your players gone through to prepare for the season?

A: Many players go to our FHN camp while others have been trained by pros at various golf clubs.

Q: What are some of the team’s strong aspects this year?

A: Our seniors will have crucial impact. They provide comradery to everyone by making everyone welcome.

Q: What are some key areas that you have been focusing on in practice?

A: We have been focusing on club selection, and especially chipping and putting.

Q: What are some of the challenges you will face this year?

A: Getting to know the strengths of each player and to figure out how can we improve individually and as a team.

Q: Which games do you think will be the most challenging for the team? Why?

A: The Knights Cup is always exciting because it’s our tournament that we host each year.

Q: What do you hope the team gains by the end of the season?

A: I want the team to improve and to really continue to enjoy the game of golf and to make it a sport they will love even past college.