Powderpuff: Juniors vs Seniors 2018


Credit to Jordan Milewczik

Seniors in Powderpuff cheer after their team scores another touchdown. This group of seniors have won two years in a row and beat the juniors, 126-77.

By Gracie Bowman

On Sept. 12, FHN had it’s annual Powderpuff game. Every year the junior and senior girls compete in a flag football game. After an intense game, seniors won with 126 points, while the juniors ended with 77.

“The game was amazing,” senior Seth McKee said. “I’ve gone every year and it was amazing for my grade to win two years in a row.”

After days of practicing, both teams were prepared to compete. Teams practiced after school, on days off and the weekends, to ensure that they knew what they were doing when they hit the field. Coaches from the football team, and from the junior and senior class, scheduled the practices, taught the girls plays and brought the teams together.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that you brought together a group of people and had them work with each other to accomplish something,” senior coach Tyler Lane said. “It allows us to understand what out coaches feel and see every day.”

The Class of 2019 celebrated their second year of winning, while the juniors lost. Regardless of the loss, according to junior coach Jalen Fleming, it was one of the best experiences he’s had. The junior girls who plan on playing next year are eager to win.

“We’ll practice more,” junior Haley Hosea said. “I’m excited to win next year. It’ll happen.”