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FHN Holds Annual Homecoming Pep Assembly


Credit to Phoebe Primeau

(From Left to Right) Teachers Joe Brocksmith and Timothy Besse, model with Hed Principal Dr. Nathan Hostetler at the Homecoming Pep Assembly on Sept. 14 2018

By Sophie Carite

The 2018-2019  homecoming pep assembly was held on Friday, Sept. 14. It was hosted in the big gym at FHN from about 8:45 a.m. until 10:15 a.m.

The assembly started off with the student emcee’s introducing the fall sports teams while the band played in the background. Some of the teams introduced were girls golf, girls tennis, cross country, boys swim, and the football teams. Once all the players were seated with their class, the emcee’s got students started playing games. All the grade levels participated in 3 games, including a game in which three students from each class wrapped a teacher in toilet paper in an attempt to make a homecoming dress. The seniors won after designing the best dress on science teacher Joseph Brocksmith.

“I got to make a dress out of toilet paper for the juniors during a game,” junior Anjolina Blackwell said. “It was fun to get to mess with a teacher and to have everyone cheering us on.”

Later in the assembly, students also played a finish the lyric game. Each class finished the lyrics to a different song. The freshman sang “In My Feelings,” the sophomores sang “Party in the USA,” the juniors sang “Kiss me Through the Phone” and the seniors sang “All I do is Win.” Following the games, there were performances by color guard, JV and Varsity cheer, JV and Varsity Knightline, as well as Studline.

“I really liked all the games and performances,” Blackwell said. “They make the pep assemblies special, because we only get to have that experience so many times in high school.”