Seniors Dillon Lauer and Jada Adkinson Named Homecoming King and Queen


Credit to Kylah Woods

Seniors Dillon Lauer and Jada Adkinson were announced as Homecoming King and Queen on Sept. 14. It was announced during halftime at the Homecoming football game.

By Kylah Woods

Seniors Jada Adkinson and Dillon Lauer won Homecoming King and Queen on Friday, Sept. 14. Adkinson and Lauer give their thoughts on winning, the Homecoming football game and Homecoming.

Were you expecting to win?

Adkinson: I don’t know. I was a little nervous, because last year the couple that had been dating forever didn’t win so I was a little nervous.

Lauer: I wasn’t really nervous at all. I knew that they were going to vote that way. We’ve been here for three years and I just had a feeling.

What was your first reaction when you heard you were Homecoming King and Queen?

Adkinson: I was just super excited. It’s just so cool that out of all these people, me and him were King and Queen.

Lauer: I wasn’t excited when I became King, but I was really excited when she became Queen, because you can’t be a King without the right Queen.

How does it feel to have won your senior year?

Adkinson: It’s just really cool, I don’t know. It’s just an awesome feeling.

Lauer: We’ve been dating for a really long time and people just put us as the default. We’re a really good couple and I think that’s why we won.

How was the football game?

Adkinson: Yeah, it’s kind of a rough score, but it’s still a lot of fun. I’m just trying to cherish these last moments of school.

Lauer: I’ll always be up there hyping up my crowd and just having fun. The point of being a Goonie is not to win it’s to have school spirit and have a good time.