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FHN Introduces New Changes to Building at the Beginning of the Year


Credit to Madison Abanathie

This summer, multiple updates were made around FHN. One being a new white/gold paint scheme for the main level.

By Michael Willmann

Walking into FHN, students and staff may have noticed some new changes that have gone on around the building. From new paint to patch jobs, FHN underwent a great deal of work over the summer.

Those who walk the hallways may have noticed that our main level has received a fresh, brand new coat of paint. With this new paint comes a new color scheme. Instead of the old all gold walls, the gold paint has been replaced by a white and gold hybrid. This new paint job does a great job in lighting up the hallways instead of being the same, dark, solid gold across the entire wall. Activity Director Michael Janes has said that he loves the new paint, and hopes that the district will allow us to expand upon it.

“I feel that this year, our hallways have been cleaner, brighter,” Janes said. “At this point, I don’t know if we have plans on continuing the paint, but I do think the district would love to do it.”

Along with new paint, the school has been recently given funds to perform maintenance and repairs on the school’s roof. Many sections of the school roof have either been repaired or renewed. Along with repairs to the roof, maintenance crews have been around the school, replacing ceiling tile in many of our hallways and classrooms.

“In previous years, my back left corner [of my room], if it rained a substantial amount, it would leak and go into my light fixtures, and they’d have to come in and replace my ceiling tile almost every time it rained,” ELA Teacher Courtney Freeman said. “This year they haven’t had to replace any ceiling tiles.”

Over the summer, crews have also been working to repair HVAC issues that have been going on with the school. From room heaters just not working to AC working a bit too well, the HVAC had many issues– including water leakage. Through the work of some maintenance crews, many of these issues have been resolved and students and staff should expect less HVAC leakage and more reliability.

Even though there was a lot done this summer, more renovations are in sight, though not anywhere too soon. New paint may be something the student body can expect to see in the future, along with even more HVAC repairs and other maintenance projects to keep our school looking nice.

“A lot of these renovation decisions take place at the district level, and they all take time, and they all take money,” Janes said. “We can’t just have contractors come in here and paint during the school year. We can’t fix the HVAC without shutting down the building. We can do some things here and there, but not much. I’m hoping we can get some stuff done over the summer, but we felt that now was a good time for good paint, with Dr. Hostetler coming in. That main level is really important, a lot of our community comes in through there.”