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Pathways to Teaching Educates the Next Generation of Teachers


Credit to Madison Abanathie

Students in Sara White’s Pathways to Teaching class, pull out their notes to continue their lesson from the previous day. In second semester, they will be able to participate in an internship at an elementary or middle school.

By Paige Mooney and Elyse Jennings

Pathways to Teaching is being run as a full time class this 2018-19 school year. Pathways is taught by Sara White during sixth hour and students will learn about lesson plans, personal responsibilities and what makes a good teacher.

“I am looking forward to our second semester internship and figuring out if I want to teach in the future,” junior Addison Lee said.

Students that are taking Pathways to Teaching will have a student teaching internship at one of the feeder schools that feed into FHN. White contacts teachers from feeder schools like Barnwell, Becky David and Hollenbeck, and asks about the internship to see who wants to participate.

“When you go to the internship placements, that’s where everything clicks and comes together,” White said. “That’s where it’s your turn to teach and see the light bulbs turn on.”

Over the course of the first semester, students will learn about things from professionalism and teaching styles, to how to help students that struggle to learn and safety procedure responsibilities.

“This class is going to be amazing,” White said. “It already is. My pathway students have taken this class because they may possibly want to be a teacher in the future, and knowing I get to help them experience it and help prepare them a little bit more before they start, feels good.”

Students like Lee have been heavily impacted by teachers from middle school and high school, which is a common theme throughout students in Pathways to Teaching.

“I am excited for the internship and I would love to teach next to the teachers who taught me,” Lee said. “Not only for the internship but in the future.”