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Underclassmen Are Called Up to Play on the Varsity Boys Soccer Team


By Julia Kristensen

Three out, five in. Boys varsity soccer started off the season with only two seniors remaining and one junior quitting. With the changes that happened, players needed to be added to the varsity roster. Head Coach Larry Scheller pulled up three sophomores and two freshmen for varsity. Team unity can make or break a team, but the coaches and players think of FHN soccer as a program, not just teams.

“We started a process with the entire group and losing players effects the program more than anything else,” Scheller said. “When kids get hurt or they quit you have two other levels that you may have to get players from, but you have to bring up the next guy and hope that he does what he can to help the team.”

With eight overall changes to the team, the team leaders help keep the team as a unit; everyone works and plays together whether they have no varsity experience or they have been playing there for years. Senior and team captain Corey Valleroy looks to help keep the team unity strong through passion, focusing on those who need the help and all the tough times of the season.

“Whatever happens, we’ll recover and do what we have to do, just keep playing soccer,” Valleroy said.

Sophomores Peter Moxley, Logan Johnson and Liam Levins and freshmen Jackson Houk and Ryan Dittemer were all pulled up to help build the team back up. With the end of the season approaching them and with plenty of room to improve, they plan to bring their attacking strengths to the team to help try and bring a winning culture back to the team.

“We’re not replacing, just starting something new,” Houk said. “We’re bringing up attacking players and a defender. We’re hoping to see growth from the start to the end of the season and do the best we can.”