Freshman Logan Schefault Qualifies for State


Credit to Paige Westermann

Freshman Logan Schelfaut performs a back dive off the three meter board. Schelfaut has been diving on a club team with dive coach, Greg Triefenbach, for six years. Now in high school with a new diving coach, Chris Pape, he was able to qualify for State at the beginning of the season.

By Justin Christensen

Freshman Logan Schelfaut steps on the diving board in a meet. He prepares to make his dive for his team in front of many other onlookers. He takes his position and leaps into the water with a small splash. He comes out with his team cheering for him, celebrating his dive.

Schelfaut is the diver on the FHN boys’ swimming team. At every meet, he dives for his team to compete to see who gets the best dive out of all the divers that make it to state from all the schools across Missouri.

What makes it more interesting is that a boys swim team that didn’t exist last year already has a diver that qualifies for State.

“I am very proud that I get to go to state as a freshman,” Schelfaut said.

He will get to compete with other divers across the state to see who has the greatest amount of points. Even if he is not the best at state, it is an honor to Schelfaut for making it to this higher level of competition in diving. He is excited to go to state this year.

“He is very passionate about swimming,” sophomore and teammate Jack Ferry said. “He enjoys the things we do here so far.”

Schelfaut hopes to spend the rest of his high school career diving for the swim team. He plans to get better every season and have more accomplishments during his four years on the swim team. When this season ends, he will be looking forward to the day which the season starts back up and can go back to diving for his school once again.

“I’m glad I can on this swim team this year,” Schelfaut said. “I can’t wait to come back next year.”