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Freshman Stan Lindquist is on Both the Boys Swim Team and the Knightpride Marching band


Credit to Kamryn Bell

Freshman Stan Lindquist [dark green shirt] talks with his teammates during a swim meet

By Parker Kilen

Like a lot of students on a typical school day, they have sports practices after school. However, for freshman Stan Lindquist he has two practices after school. First, he has marching band practice right after school from 2:30-5:00, then heads to FHN’s swim practice from 8:30-10:00.

“I love the physical activity of both of them” Stan Lindquist said. “It’s also really fun because I get to be with my friends all the time.”

Due to Lindquist doing both sports, he sometimes has to miss leave marching band early or arrive to swim practice late. He also might have to skip a practice in order to head to a meet or competition. Despite having 2 practices after school, Lindquist has still been able to get his homework done. His family has to push him a bit, but he’s still participating, practicing his instrument, making all practices, and making all the meets or competitions.

“When I found out he was doing both sports I thought ‘How could you?’ Because it takes so much time to do both swim and band at the same time, and to finish all your homework.” Junior and sister of Stan Maria Lindquist said. “I knew it was going to be tough but I knew he could do it, and his time management was looking good.”

Band director Robert Stegeman was very confident when he found out Lindquist was doing both sports, and believes it has affected Lindquist positively since he has to be very organized and focused while juggling 2 activities, and it’s benefited the band program as a whole.

“I knew Stan would take care of his business, and fully expected to not even barely feel like he was juggling 2 activities and I haven’t felt that at all.” Stegeman said. “You would never know when he is or isn’t at rehearsal, or when he’s in another activity other than he talks about swimming to other kids, and his experiences, it helps him organize his time, but you’d never know that because he’s very focused and determined.”