Inside FHN Sports: Who Will Get Their First Football Win? [Opinion]


By Dillon Lauer

The Knights Varsity Football team battled with the FHC Spartans on Friday, Sept. 28, in a battle to see who could capture their first win. The Knights were down early 18-0, but eventually came back and scored a touchdown, making the score 18-6 at halftime.

As they came out for the second half, you would think they would have lots of momentum and a real urge to get another score on the board. This was not the case at all, as the Knights seemed very flat and not ready to play the 2nd half of a tight football game. The Knights ended up taking their sixth straight loss, 34-6.

The Knights morale seems to be down and they don’t seem to have the will to win. The Knights defense looks to be getting better, but their offense doesn’t seem to be following that trend.

They believe the problem is the quarterback, but it is evident that it’s the offensive line that is the problem. They are young and not holding their blocks long enough, causing the QB to have to throw the ball earlier than he wishes, which results in an interception. Also, the receivers have a high number of dropped passes, which doesn’t help and with their best passing QB, Patrick Koester, receiving a concussion in this game.

The Knights offense looks even more dreary now than it did before. They are putting more pressure on their defense, not like there wasn’t enough already, right? If the Knights can find a way to hold their blocks, then they can catch some touchdowns and win some ball games before the end of the season.