FHN Work Program Allows Students to Gain Experience While Still in High School


By Kaili Martin, Photographer

What makes the work program so popular at FHN? Is it the money, or the experience, or is it the enjoyment of having a job? “I love how the work program gives students a way to apply the knowledge they [the students] learned from school in to their lives outside of school.” said teacher Melissa Hanrahan. As well as teaching marketing and business classes Hanrahan has been in charge of the work program for around 10 years since the 2018-2019 school year.

“Students will start to apply to the work program around the time they start applying for their next year classes…” said Hanrahan “…Then the students will need to take a business or a marketing course based off the job they have.” Students would also have to see their counselor to make sure they are in the work program because only around 90 students can be in the work program every year. If they are turned down at that time, then they are put on the waiting list so if at semester someone graduates early or drops it, they are available to take that slot.

For each year a student can work 10 hours a week to gain half credit, but if a student works 20 hours a week (360 hours)  they can get full credit. Senior Lindsey Harris works around 30 to 40 hours each week. Harris will be receiving full credit by the end of the year. She likes the work program because it will help her in the future when she is looking to pursue a future career. “I like the work program because it’s easier for me to schedule my work and I get to work longer shifts instead of only working a few hours,” said Harris.

Now with the new Knight Time schedule change most students in the work program have to call in or schedule it in advance that they can’t work at that certain time on Wednesdays. Hanrahan says, “Students have to stay later and need to let their bosses know because school has to come first before anything else.”  

The work program was made for students to get a feel for how real life is and students can easily earn credit for it. When students are in their marketing or business class they learn how to make rèsumès that will help them get even better jobs after high school and even after college. This program gives students the chance apply the knowledge they used in high school to life outside of school.