FHN is Divided With its Views on the Halloween Specialty, Candy Corn

Candy Corn Conflicts


(Graphic by Sydney Ellison)

By Sydney Ellison

There is a major topic that divides FHN, and it needs to be talked about. Huge arguments break out whenever it is bought up. Friends and family turn on one another because of different viewpoints on the topic. There is no middle ground; no agreeing to disagree. People get heated trying to defend their position and can’t seem to grasp why others don’t agree with them.

That topic: candy corn.

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There are lovers and haters of the candy. No one feels just “meh” about it. The difference in opinion about the candy has friends everywhere having full on debates over the topic. As Halloween comes around the corner those debates become more and more common. Students at FHN can be seen and heard having these disputes in classrooms and hallways all around the school.

The side that hates candy corn.

Whenever people are questioned about why they adore candy corn so much, their answers are all pretty similar, in my experience. In fact, if you’re a lover reading this, your answer will probably match. They say they love how it reminds them of Halloween and fall. How it’s a “traditional” candy and it’s special because it only comes once a year. That is the candy corn lovers first defense. Half of that argument is correct, the candy does only come once a year but it is definitely not special. Candy corn is just a corn-shaped piece of sugar. There is nothing defining about it to make it special. If that argument doesn’t convince the haters, they will talk about how sweet it is, but they never talk about the exact flavor of the candy. That is because it doesn’t have one. It doesn’t taste like anything. Which is why it’s so surprising that there are people out there who like candy corn. How can you stand behind this flavorless piece of sugar? Good job to those who continue to choose the “correct” side.

If a few things about candy corn were changed, maybe a few of us dislikers would give it another chance. First, candy corn needs a flavor. It needs to actually taste like something other than artificial sweetener mixed with dust. Stronger flavors should be created so there’s something for everyone. Secondly, dislikers would very much like the texture of the candy to change. It’s always either hard as a rock or way to chewy, which in turn make them hard to eat. The texture should be switched to something much softer. Until these changes are made, the haters will be happy to stay far away from candy corn. We will be having a great time this Halloween eating good candy that is full of flavor and doesn’t make us gag at the mere mention of its name.