Students Now Allowed to Wear Halloween Costumes to School


Credit to Paige Westermann

On Oct. 26, FHN hosted Trick or Treat Street.

By Sarah Zimmerman

October 31. Halloween. A day often full of candy, fun and costumes. A day where students at FHN will now be allowed to wear costumes to school.

After discussing the idea at an administrative team meeting a few weeks ago, admin decided allowing students to wear costumes should not be a problem as look as students do not wear anything inappropriate or anything that covers their faces. If students do not follow those guidelines, they will be asked to change.

“The other two high schools allow students to wear costumes that do not cover their faces, and so we wanted our students to have the same opportunity as well, and we didn’t see it as an issue,” Associate Principal Katie Greer said.

Not only are students going to be able to wear costumes now, but staff can participate as well. For example, the nurses and secretaries in the main office plan to each dress up as a different McCormick spice.

“I think it’s fabulous, because it brings school spirit and fun into our educational environment. Hopefully, [students] find it fun,” secretary Cara McHaffie said. “I hope to see some really fun costumes for Halloween.”

Whether dressing up as a witch or a crayon, students now have the opportunity to participate in a Halloween tradition even during the school day, leaving some students excited for the change.

“I think it’s cool that they’re trying to allow us to [dress up] in a good way,” sophomore Angela Cuccio. “I’m glad that they’re trying to let us be more involved in the holiday and dress up and celebrate. It’s allowing us to be more expressive towards things that we like.”