Assistant Principal Chris Birch Has Many Talents


Credit to File Photo

(From Left to Right) Math teacher Greg Brown, Assistant Principal Chris Birch and Spanish teacher Brian Santos, perform at the annual Coffee House on Feb. 14, 2018.

By Paige Mooney

Chris Birch is a typical high school administrator. He was previously a teacher at St. Charles West, a dean at FHHS and he’s currently an Assistant Principal at FHN. Along with his many jobs in education, Birch has some fun talents outside of school that he brings into the community.  

“I play the ukulele and mandolin,” Birch said. “A mandolin is strung the same way as a violin, eight strings. Basically a smaller guitar.”

Birch began harmonica lessons 20 years ago. Around eight years ago, he joined a band and eventually bought a mandolin and started to learn how to play that, and just a year ago he started to play the ukulele.

“I bought my daughter, who’s a sophomore at St. Charles West, a ukulele last year,” Birch said.“I started to get an interest in it myself, so I bought another one for myself.”

Birch also enjoys cooking at home. While in college, Birch worked at a variety of different restaurants, one being Café Beignet, a cajun restaurant that is now closed.

“I learned a lot from the restaurants I worked at and just grew a passion for cooking,” Birch said. “I like making pastas, canjun and I mean we all have to eat, so it might as well be good food. A lot of people here will tell you I like to eat and I do, but in all seriousness I do really like cooking. I find it therapeutic.”

Birch brings his talents into the community by participating in school activities including Coffee House, International Cuisine classes and playing his ukulele in the office for a pick up.

“He values communication and relationships between students, staff and administrators,” senior Erika Rodgers said. “He is really involved in the community too. He really shows it and that shows a lot about him as person.”